/ 5kCstju:m; [email protected] -tu:m; `kBstum/ n
[C, U] garment or style of dress, esp of a particular period or group or for a particular activity 服装, 服装式样(尤指用於某时期﹑ 某团体或某活动的): People wore historical costumes for the parade. 人们穿着古装参加游行. * The actor came on in full costume, ie wearing all his stage clothes. 那个男演员身穿全套戏装登场. * Scotsmen in Highland costume, ie wearing kilts, etc 身穿高地服装的苏格兰男子 * skiing costume 滑雪服 * [attrib 作定语] a `costume piece/play/drama, ie one in which the actors wear historical costume 古装剧.
[C] (dated 旧) woman's suit (ie a skirt and short coat of the same material) 女套装(面料相同的裙子和西服短上衣).
> costumier / kC5stju:mIE(r); [email protected] -5stu:-; kBs`tumIL/ n person who makes, deals in, or hires out costumes, esp for theatrical performances 服装制作人经销商或出租商(尤指戏装): a theatrical costumier 舞台服装制作人.
# `costume jewellery jewellery made with artificial gems 人造珠宝饰物.