2 / kE5rekt; kE`rZkt/ v [Tn]
(a) make (sth) right or accurate; remove the mistakes from 改正(某事物); 修改; 纠正: correct spelling, mistakes, misconceptions改正拼写错误﹑ 谬误﹑ 错误的观念 * I corrected my watch by the time signal. 我按照报时信号对的表. * Please correct my pronunciation if I go wrong. 假若我的发音不准就请你纠正. * Spectacles correct faulty eyesight. 眼镜可以矫正视力缺陷. * `It was in April no, May,' he said, correcting himself. ‘那是在四月份--不, 在五月份,’他改口说. (b) (of a teacher, etc) mark the errors in (sth) (指教师等)批改(某项作业的)错处: correct an essay, a test, etc 批改作文﹑ 测验题等.
point out the mistakes or faults of (sb) 指出(某人)的错误或过失: `Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a llama?' `No, it's not.' `I stand corrected', ie You have pointed out my mistake. ?那是美洲驼吗? 要是我说错了, 就请指出来.?‘那不是.’‘多谢您指正.’
adjust (sth) so as to make it accurate 校正(某事物): Turn the wheel to the right to correct the steering. 把方向盘往右边转转, 好修正驾驶上的偏差. * Add salt to correct the seasoning. 加点盐把味道调好.