1 / kE5rekt; kE`rZkt/ adj
true; right; accurate 正确的; 对的; 准确的: the correct answer 正确的答案 * Do you have the correct time? 你的表准吗? * The description is correct in every detail. 每个细节的叙述都很准确. * Would I be correct in thinking that you are Jenkins? ie Are you Jenkins? 我想你就是詹金斯吧? * `Are you Jenkins?' `That's correct.' ‘你是詹金斯吗?’‘是的.’
(of behaviour, manners, dress, etc) in accordance with accepted standards or convention; proper (指行为﹑ 礼貌﹑ 衣着等)符合公认标准的, 得体的: Such casual dress would not be correct for a formal occasion. 这样的便服不宜在正式的场合穿. * a very correct young lady 举止很得体的年轻女士. > correctly adv: answer correctly 正确地回答 * behave very correctly 举止十分得体. correctness n [U].