/ kR:d; kRrd/ n
[C, U] (piece of) long thin flexible material made of twisted strands, thicker than string and thinner than rope (细)绳: parcels tied with cord 用绳子捆紮的包裹.
[C] part of the body like a cord in being long, thin and flexible 身体上细长柔韧有如绳子的部分: the spinal cord 脊髓 * the vocal cords 声带.
[C, U] (esp US) = flex.
(infml 口) (a) [U] corduroy 灯芯绒: [attrib 作定语] cord trousers, skirts, etc 灯芯绒的裤子﹑ 裙子等. (b) cords [pl] corduroy trousers 灯芯绒裤子: a man wearing blue cords 穿蓝色灯芯绒裤的男子.