1 / 5kCpE(r); `kBpL/ n
[U] chemical element, a common reddish-brown metal 铜; 紫铜; 红铜: the mining of copper in central Africa 中部非洲的铜矿开采业 * Is the pipe copper or lead? 这管子是铜的呢还是铅的? * [attrib 作定语] a copper pipe, wire, alloy, etc 铜管﹑ 丝﹑ 合金等 * her copper-coloured hair 她那红棕色的头发. =>App 10 见附录10.
[C] (esp Brit) coin made of copper or a copper alloy 铜币: It only costs a few coppers, ie is cheap. 这只值几个铜板(很便宜).
[C] (esp Brit) large metal vessel, esp one in which clothes were formerly washed by boiling 大锅(尤指旧时用以煮洗衣物的). Cf 参看 boiler 3.
# ,copper `beech type of beech tree with copper-coloured leaves 紫叶山毛榉.
,copper-`bottomed adj (esp Brit) safe in every way; certain not to fail 绝对安全的; 万无一失的: a copper-bottomed guarantee, assurance, deal, etc 可靠的保证﹑ 绝对的把握﹑ 毫无风险的交易.
`copperhead n poisonous snake found in the US 铜头蛇(一种毒蛇, 产於美国).
,copper`plate n polished copper plate on which designs, etc are engraved 铜凹版(镌刻有图案等的抛光铜板). ,copperplate `writing, handwriting (also copperplate) neat old-fashioned formal handwriting with looped sloping letters that are joined to each other 铜版体(一种老式手写体, 笔画匀称﹑ 倾斜﹑ 互相连接).