/ kEn5vIns; kEn`vIns/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr, Dn.f] ~ sb (of sth) make sb feel certain; cause sb to realize 使某人确信; 使某人明白: How can I convince you (of her honesty)? 我怎样才能使你相信(她很诚实)呢? * What she said convinced me that I was mistaken. 她的一番话使我认识到我错了. * I was convinced (ie sure) I saw you there, but it must have been someone else. 我原来真以为看见你在那里, 一定是看错了人.
[Cn.t] (esp US) persuade 说服: What convinced you to vote for them? 究竟是什麽使得你愿意投他们的票?
> convinced adj [attrib 作定语] firm in one's belief 坚信不移的; 有坚定信仰的: a convinced Christian 虔诚的基督徒.
convincible / kEn5vInsEbl; kEn`vInsEbl/ adj willing to be convinced 可被说服的; 可喻之以理的.
convincing adj that convinces 令人信服的: a convincing speech, argument, liar 有说服力的讲话﹑ 言之成理的论据﹑ 很能蛊惑人的瞎话大王等. convincingly adv: a convincingly argued statement 雄辩的陈辞.