/ kEn5v\:Fn; [email protected] kEn5v\:rVn; kEn`v[VEn/ n ~ (from sth) (into/to sth)
[U] converting or being converted 转变; 变换: the conversion of a barn into a house, of pounds into dollars 仓房之改建为寓所﹑ 英镑之兑换成美元 * Conversion to gas central heating will save you a lot of money. 改用煤气集中供暖将节省大笔开支. * [attrib 作定语] a metric conversion table, ie showing how to change metric amounts into or out of another system, by calculation 公制换算表.
[C] instance of this 转变: a building firm which specializes in house conversions, eg converting large houses into several flats 专营改建房屋的建筑公司(如将大房屋改建为几个单元者) * He kicked a penalty goal and two conversions, ie in Rugby football. 他一次罚球得分, 两次触地後射门得分(在橄榄球赛中). * He used to support monetarist economics, but he underwent quite a conversion (ie changed his opinion) when he saw how it increased unemployment. 他一向赞同货币经济理论, 然而当他看到这种理论加重了失业现象之後, 他彻底改变了看法.