/ kEn5vi:nIEns; kEn`vinjEns/ n
[U] quality of being convenient or suitable; freedom from trouble or difficulty 方便; 便利; 适宜; 省事: a library planned for the users' convenience 旨在方便读者的图书馆 * I keep my reference books near my desk for convenience. 我把参考书放在书桌旁用着方便. * It was a marriage of convenience, ie They married for material advantage, not for love. 那是一门贪图财利的亲事.
[C] (a) arrangement, appliance or device that is useful, helpful or suitable 有用﹑ 有益或适宜的安排﹑ 用具或设施: It was a great convenience to have the doctor living near us. 有医生住在我们附近真是太方便了. * The house has all the modern conveniences, eg central heating, hot water supply, etc. 这所房屋有各种现代化的设施(如集中供暖﹑ 热水供应等设备). (b) (Brit euph 婉) lavatory for the use of the general public (公共)厕所: There is a public convenience on the corner of the street. 在街道的拐角处有公共厕所.
(idm 习语) at one's con`venience when and where it suits one 在方便的时候及在适宜的地方: With a caravan, you can stop at your own convenience; you're not dependent on hotels. 开着一辆大篷车, 可以随意停下来, 不用住旅馆. at your earliest con`venience => early. a flag of convenience => flag1.
# con`venience food food (eg in a tin, packet, etc) that needs very litttle preparation after being bought 方便食品.