2 / 5kCntrB:st; [email protected] -trAst; `kBntrAst/ n ~ (to/with sb/sth); ~ (between A and B) 1 [U] action of contrasting 对比; 相比: Careful contrast of the two plans shows up some key differences. 把这两个计划仔细地加以对比就可以看出一些关键性的差异. * His white hair was in sharp contrast to (ie was very noticeably different from) his dark skin. 他的白头发与黑皮肤形成了鲜明的对比. * She had almost failed the exam, but her sister, by contrast, had done very well. 她考试差点不及格, 而她的妹妹相比之下考得很好. * In contrast with their system, ours seems very old-fashioned. 我们的制度与他们的相比, 显得过於守旧了.
[C, U] difference clearly seen when unlike things are compared or put together; thing showing such a difference 明显的差异; 对照: The white walls make a contrast with the black carpet. 白色的墙壁与黑色的地毯形成了鲜明的对照. * There is a remarkable contrast between the two brothers. 他们兄弟俩截然不同. * The work you did today is quite a contrast to (eg noticeably better/worse than) what you did last week. 你今天干的活儿跟你上周干的判然不同(如明显地要好[不如]). * The contrast of light and shade is important in photography. 在摄影艺术中明暗的反差是很重要的.