/ 9kCntrE5dIkt; 9kBntrE`dIkt/ v
[I, Tn] say sth that conflicts with (sth said or written) by (sb), suggesting that the person is mistaken or not telling the truth 反驳(某人)的(言论或文字); 批驳; 驳斥: That is true, and don't you dare contradict (me). 这是事实, 你还敢(跟我)?嘴. * The speaker had got confused, and started contradicting himself. 演讲者弄糊涂了, 说话自相矛盾起来.
[Tn] (of facts, evidence, etc) be contrary to (sth); conflict with (指事实﹑ 证据等)与(某事物)相反, 或相矛盾: The two statements contradict each other. 两种说法互相抵触. * The report contradicts what we heard yesterday. 这个报告与我们昨天听到的有矛盾.
> contradiction / 9kCntrE5dIkFn; 9kBntrE`dIkFEn/ n
1 (a) [U] contradicting 反驳; 矛盾; 对立: She will permit no contradiction. 她决不允许有异议. (b) [C] instance of this 矛盾: That's a flat contradiction of what you said before. 这可和你以前说的恰恰相反.
2 ~ (between sth and sth) (a) [U] absence of agreement (between statements, facts, etc) (两种说法﹑ 事实等之间的)不一致, 矛盾, 对立: I find no contradiction between his publicly expressed opinions and his private actions. 我觉得他的公开言论与私下行为并无二致. * His private actions are in direct contradiction to/with (ie directly contradict) his publicly expressed opinions. 他私下的行为跟公开的言论完全是两码事. (b) [C] instance of this 不一致; 矛盾; 对立: It's a contradiction to love animals and yet wear furs. 又爱护动物又穿毛皮服装, 是自相矛盾的.
3 (idm 习语) a ,contradiction in `terms statement containing two words which contradict each other's meaning 语词矛盾: `A generous miser' is a contradiction in terms. ‘慷慨的吝啬鬼’在用词上自相矛盾.
contradictory / 9kCntrE5dIktErI; 9kBntrE`dIktErI/ adj contradicting 互相矛盾的; 互相对立的: contradictory statements, reports, etc 互相矛盾的说法﹑ 报告等.