1 / 5kCntInEnt; `kBntEnEnt/ n
each of the main land masses of the Earth (Europe, Asia, Africa, etc) (地球上的)大洲之一(欧洲﹑ 亚洲﹑ 非洲等); 洲; 大陆.
the Continent [sing] (Brit) the mainland of Europe 欧洲大陆: holidaying on the Continent 在欧洲大陆度假.
> continental / 9kCntI5nentl; 9kBntE`nZntl/ adj
1 belonging to or typical of a continent 大陆的; 大陆性的: a ,continental `climate 大陆性气候.
2 (also Continental) (Brit) of the mainland of Europe 欧洲大陆的: ,continental `wars, al`liances, etc 欧洲大陆的战争﹑ 联盟等 * a continental holiday 在欧洲大陆的假日.
continental n (Brit often derog 常作贬义) inhabitant of the mainland of Europe (欧洲)大陆人.
# ,continental `breakfast light breakfast typically consisting only of coffee and rolls with jam 欧洲大陆式早餐(仅有咖啡和果酱面包). Cf 参看 English breakfast (English). ,continental `drift the slow movement of the continents towards and away from each other during the history of the Earth 大陆漂移(地球史上各大陆之间产生相对位移的缓慢运动).