/ kEn5tend; kEn`tZnd/ v
[Ipr] ~ with/against sb/sth; ~ for sth struggle in order to overcome a rival, competitor or difficulty (与对手)竞争; (与他人)争夺; (与困难)拚搏: Several teams are contending for (ie trying to win) the prize. 有几个队在争夺锦标. * She's had a lot of problems to contend with. 她有许多问题要解决. * the captains of the contending (ie rival) teams 参与争夺的各个队的队长.
[Tf no passive 不用於被动语态] put forward (sth) as one's opinion; argue; assert 主张(某事物); 争辩; 认为: I would contend that unemployment is our most serious social evil. 我认为失业是我们社会最为严重的弊病.
> contender n person who tries to win sth in competition with others 竞争者; 争夺者; 对手: the two contenders for the heavyweight title 重量级冠军的两名争夺者.