/ 5kCntempleIt; `kBntEm9plet/ v
(a) [Tn, Tw] look at or consider (sth) thoughtfully 凝视, 打量, 思忖, 沉思(某事物): She stood contemplating the painting. 她站着审视那幅图画. * He contemplated what the future would be like without the children. 他思忖着要是没有这些孩子, 将来又如何. (b) [I, Tn, Tw] meditate (upon sth), esp as a religious practice 冥思(某事物)(尤指一种宗教仪式): a few quiet minutes in the middle of the day to sit and contemplate 中午时分静坐冥思的几分钟 * contemplating the death of Our Lord 默祷上主之死难.
[Tn, Tg, Tsg] consider the possibility of (sth) 考虑(某事物)的可能性; 盘算; 预料: She is contemplating a visit to (ie may visit) London. 她正打算去伦敦观光. * I'm not contemplating retiring (ie I do not intend to retire) yet. 我尚未考虑退休问题. * We don't contem-plate him opposing our plan, ie do not expect that he will oppose it. 我们预料他不会反对我们的计划.
> contemplation / 9kCntem5pleIFn; 9kBntEm`pleFEn/ n
1 (a) [U] action of looking at sth/sb thoughtfully 凝视; 注视: He returned to his contemplation of the fire. 他重又凝视着那炉火. (b) [U, C] deep thought; meditation 沉思; 冥思: He sat there deep in contemplation. 他坐在那里沉思着. * I'm sorry to interrupt your contemplations, but... 很抱歉打断了您的沉思, 可是....
2 [U] consideration; intention 考虑; 意图: the Government's contemplation of new measures 政府采取新措施的意图.
contemplative / kEn5templEtIv, 5kCntempleItIv; `kBn-tEm9pletIv/ adj 1 fond of contemplation; thoughtful 好沉思的; 深思熟虑的: a contemplative person, manner, look 深思熟虑的人﹑ 态度﹑ 表情.
engaging in religious meditation 进行默观的: a contemplative order of nuns 注重默观的修女团. contemplatively adv.