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[C] (system of) laws and principles according to which a state is governed 宪法(的体制): Britain has an unwritten constitution, and the United States has a written constitution. 英国有不成文的宪法, 美国有成文的宪法.
(a) [U] (fml 文) action or manner of constituting (constitute 1, 3, 4) 组织﹑ 建立﹑ 任命﹑ 授权的举动或方式: the constitution of an advisory group 谘询小组的组成. (b) [C] (fml 文) general structure of a thing 事物的一般结构: the constitution of the solar spectrum 太阳光谱的构成.
[C] condition of a person's body with regard to health, strength, etc 人的健康﹑ 体力等状况; 体质; 体格: a robust/weak constitution 强壮的[虚弱的]体质 * Only people with a strong constitution should go climbing. 只有身体强健的人才可以去登山.