/ 5kCnstEnt; `kBnstEnt/ adj
[usu attrib 通常作定语] going on all the time; happening again and again 经常的; 不断发生的: constant chattering, complaints, interruptions 没完没了的饶舌﹑ 抱怨﹑ 打搅 * This entrance is in constant use; do not block it. 这个入口经常使用, 不要挡住.
unchanging; fixed 不变的; 恒定的; 稳定的: a constant speed, value, etc 恒定速度﹑ 恒值等 * Pressure in the container remains constant. 容器中的压力保持恒定不变.
[usu attrib 通常作定语] (approv 褒) firm; faithful 坚定的; 忠实的: a constant friend, companion, supporter, etc 忠实的朋友﹑ 伴侣﹑ 支持者等.
> constant n (mathematics or physics 数或物) number or quantity that does not vary 常数; 常量; 恒量. Cf 参看 variable n.
constantly adv continuously; frequently 不断地; 经常地: He's constantly disturbing me. 他老是打扰我. * She worries constantly. 她经常苦恼.