/ kEn5sIstEnt; kEn`sIstEnt/ adj
(approv 褒) (of a person, his behaviour, his views, etc) always keeping to the same pattern or style; unchanging (指人﹑ 人的行为﹑ 观点等)一贯的, 前後一致的: You're not very consistent: first you condemn me, then you praise me. 你前後矛盾, 开头责备我, 接着又夸奖我.
[pred 作表语] ~ (with sth) in agreement 一致; 相符: What you say now is not consistent with what you said last week. 你现在说的话与你上星期说过的话不相符. * The pattern of injuries is consistent with (ie could have been caused by) an attack with a knife. 这些伤口与刀伤的情形正相符合(可能因刀伤所致). * I left as early as was consistent with politeness. 我在不失礼的情况下, 提前离去了. > consistently adv.