/ kEn5sIstEnsI; kEn`sIstEnsI/ n
(also consistence) [U] (approv 褒) quality of being consistent(1) 一贯性; 一致性: His views lack consistency: one day he's a conservative, the next he's a liberal. 他的观点缺乏一贯性: 时而保守, 时而开明.
[C, U] degree of thickness, firmness or solidity, esp of thick liquids, or of sth made by mixing with a liquid 强度; 硬度; (尤指)浓度: Mix flour and liquid to the right consistency. 把面粉和液体混合到适当的浓度. * mixtures of various consistencies 各种不同浓度的混合物 * It should have the consistency of thick soup. 这应该有浓汤那样的浓度.