/ kEn5sIdE(r); kEn`sIdL/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr, Tw, Tg] ~ sb/sth (for/as sth) think about sb/sth, esp in order to make a decision; contemplate sb/sth 考虑某人[某事物](尤指以做决定为目的者); 细想: We have considered your application carefully, but cannot offer you the job. 我们已经仔细地考虑了你的申请, 认为不能聘请你做这份工作. * consider sb for a job/as a candidate 考虑让某人做某工作[作候选人] * Have you considered how to get there? 你是否考虑过如何到达那里? * We are considering going to Canada, ie we may go there. 我们正考虑到加拿大去.
[Tf, Cn.a, Cn.n, Cn.n/a, Cn.t] ~ sb/sth as sth be of the opinion; regard sb/sth as sth 认为; 视某人[某事物]为: We consider that you are not to blame. 我们认为不该责怪你. * We consider this (to be) very important. 我们认为这非常重要. * Do you consider it wise to interfere? 你认为应该干预吗? * He will be considered a weak leader. 他会被认为是个软弱无能的领导人. * a painting previously considered as worthless, but which now turns out to be very valuable 一幅先前认为毫无价值的画, 现在却变成了珍品 * He's generally considered to have the finest tenor voice in the country. 现在公认他是该国最佳的男高音歌手. * (fml 文) He's very well considered (ie people have a high opinion of him) within the company. 他在公司中受到很高的评价. * Consider yourself (ie You are) under arrest. 你已被逮捕.
[Tn] take (sth) into account; make allowances for 考虑到(某事物); 体谅: We must consider the feelings of other people. 我们必须顾及他人的感情. * In judging him you should consider his youth. 在对他进行评审时, 你应该考虑到他还年轻.
[Tn] (fml 文) look at (sb/sth) carefully 细看(某人[某事物]): He stood considering the painting for some minutes. 他站在那幅画前凝视了几分钟.
(idm 习语) all
things considered => thing. ,one's con,sidered o`pinion one's opinion arrived at after some thought 经仔细考虑後得出的意见: It's my considered opinion that you should resign. 我仔细考虑後认为你应该辞职.