/ kEn5sent; kEn`sZnt/ v [I, Ipr, It] ~ (to sth) give agreement or permission 同意; 允许: She made the proposal, and I readily consented (to it). 她提出了这个建议, 我欣然同意. * She won't consent to him staying out late/to his staying out late. 她不允许他呆在外面太晚. * They finally consented (ie agreed) to go with us. 他们终於同意了和我们一块走. * sex between consenting adults, ie who both agree to it 成年人之间两相情愿的性行为.
> consent n [U]
~ (to sth) agreement; permission 同意; 允许: Her parents refused their consent to the marriage. 她的父母不答应这门婚事. * He gave his consent for the project to get under way. 他同意将这个计划付诸实施. * She was chosen as leader by common consent, ie Everyone agreed to the choice. 她是经一致同意而当选为领导人的. * Silence implies consent, ie One is assumed to agree if one remains silent. 沉默意味着同意.
(idm 习语) with one consent (arch 古) unanimously 一致同意地.