/ 5kCnFEs; `kBnFEs/ adj
knowing what is going on around one because one is able to use bodily senses and mental powers; awake 感觉到的; 意识到的; 清醒的: He was in a coma for days, but now he's (fully) conscious again. 他昏迷了几天, 但现在又(完全)清醒了. * She spoke to us in her conscious moments. 她神志清醒时跟我们说过话.
~ of sth/that... aware; noticing 知道的; 察觉的; 注意到的: be conscious of being watched/that one is being watched 察觉有人在监视自己 * Are you conscious (of) how people will regard such behaviour? 你知道人们对这种行为是怎样看待的吗?
(of actions, feelings, etc) realized by oneself; intentional (指行为﹑ 感情等)自觉的; 蓄意的: One's conscious motives are often different from one's subconscious ones. 一个人有明显动机的举动跟下意识的举动往往截然不同. * I had to make a conscious effort not to be rude to him. 我得刻意约束自己不要对他粗鲁.
being particularly aware of and interested in the thing mentioned 对所提到的事物具有深刻认识和浓厚兴趣的: trying to make the workers more politically conscious 努力提高工人的政治觉悟 * Teenagers are very `fashion-conscious. 青少年很讲究时髦. > consciously adv.