/ 5kCnFEns; `kBnFEns/ n [C, U]
person's awareness of right and wrong with regard to his own thoughts and actions 良心; 是非感: have a clear/guilty conscience, ie feel one has done right/wrong 问心无[]愧 * After she had committed the crime, her conscience was troubled, ie she felt very guilty. 她犯罪後, 良心上感到很不安. * She cheerfully cheats and lies; she's got no conscience at all. 她以撒谎和骗人为乐, 完全没有良心. * I must go. It's a matter of conscience, ie I think it would be morally wrong not to go. 我必须去, 这是有关良心的事(不去对不起自己的良心). * prisoners of conscience, ie people imprisoned because they believe it is wrong to support a political system, etc 政治犯(认为拥护某政治制度等是错误的因而被关押者).
(idm 习语) ease sb's conscience/mind => ease2. have sth on one's conscience feel troubled about sth one has done or failed to do 因做了某事或未能做某事而内疚: He has several murders on his conscience. 他因为谋害了几个人而受到良心的谴责. in all conscience by any reasonable standard 当然; 的确; 凭良心: You cannot in all conscience regard that as fair pay. 你在良心上总不能认为那样的报酬算是合理的吧. on one's `conscience making one feel one has done wrong, or left sth undone 使人觉得自己做错了事或该做某事而未做: It's still on my conscience that I didn't warn her in time. 我未能及时提醒她, 这事至今使我耿耿於怀. search one's heart/conscience => search.
# `conscience money money paid to make one feel less guilty, esp when one should have paid it before 为求心安而付出的钱(尤指早就应付的钱).
`conscience-stricken / -strIkEn; -9strIkEn/ filled with remorse 於心不安的; 受良心责备的.