/ kEn5f\:m; kEn`f[m/ v
[Tn, Tf] provide evidence for the truth or correctness of (a report, an opinion, etc); establish the truth of 证实, 证明(报告﹑ 意见等)的正确性; 确认: The rumours of an attack were later confirmed. 发动攻击的谣传後来得到了证实. * The announcement confirmed my suspicions. 这项通告证明了我的猜疑属实. * Please write to confirm your reservation, ie send a letter to support a booking made by telephone. 请来信确认一下您所预订的项目(来信确认在电话中预订的项目). * When asked, she confirmed that she was going to retire. 有人问她时, 她肯定了她将要退休.
[Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.n/a] ~sth; ~ sb (as/in sth) ratify (a treaty, appointment, etc); make definite or establish more firmly (power, a position, etc) 批准(条约﹑ 任命等); 肯定, 巩固或加强(权力﹑ 地位等): The new minister will be confirmed in office by the Queen. 新的部长将由女王批准任职. * After a six-month probationary period, she was confirmed in her post. 经过六个月的试用期之後, 她获准正式任该职. * The incident confirmed him in (ie established more firmly) his dislike of dogs. 出了这件事之後他就更加不喜欢狗了.
[Tn] admit (sb) to full membership of the Christian Church (教会)给(某人)施坚信礼(使之成为正式教徒): She was baptized when she was a month old and confirmed when she was thirteen. 她出生一个月时受洗礼, 十三岁时行坚信礼.
> confirmed adj [attrib 作定语] settled in a particular habit or state 习惯的; 根深蒂固的: a confirmed bachelor, ie a single man who is unlikely to marry 抱独身主义的男子 * a confirmed drunkard, gambler, etc 饮酒﹑ 赌博等成癖的人.