/ kEn5feFn; kEn`fZFEn/ n
[C, U] statement of one's guilt; confessing 供认; 招供; 承认; 坦白; 交代: to make a full confession of one's crimes 对自己所犯罪行供认不讳.
[C, U] (in the Roman Catholic Church) formal admission of one's sins to a priest (指天主教)向神父忏悔; 告罪; 告解: The priest will hear confessions in English and French. 这位神父可听取用英语和法语的告解. * I always go to confession on Fridays. 我总是每星期五去作忏悔.
[C] declaration of one's religious beliefs, principles, etc (表明宗教信仰﹑ 准则等的)声明: a confession of faith 信仰声明.