/ kEn5k\:(r); kEn`k[/ v (-rr-) (fml 文)
[I, Ipr] ~ (with sb/sth) (in sth) agree; express agreement 同意; 表示意见一致: She has expressed her opposition to the plan, and I fully concur (with her) (in this matter). 她对计划表示反对, (在这一问题上)我完全同意(她的意见).
[I, It] (of events, etc) happen together; coincide (指事情等)同时发生: Everything concurred to produce a successful result. 所有的事都同时发生而产生了圆满的结果.
> concurrence / kEn5kQrEns; kEn`k[Ens/ n (fml 文)
1 [U, sing] agreement 同意; 一致: With your concurrence (ie If you agree), I will confirm the arrangement. 你若同意, 我就把这项安排定下来了. * a concurrence (ie similarity) of ideas, views, etc 意见﹑ 观点等一致.
2 [sing] occurrence at the same time 同时发生或出现: an unfortunate concurrence of events 事情不幸同时发生.
concurrent / kEn5kQrEnt; kEn`k[Ent/ adj ~ (with sth) existing, happening or done at the same time 同时存在的﹑ 发生的或完成的: developments concurrent with this 与此同时发生的事物. concurrently adv: He was given two prison sentences, to run concurrently. 他两罪均判监禁, 同期执行.