/ kEn5seFn; kEn`sZFEn/ n
~ (to sb/sth) (a) [U] conceding 承认; 让出; 允许: There is a call for the concession of certain rights. 要求承认某些权利. (b) [C] thing granted or yielded, esp after discussion, an argument, etc 妥协, 让步(尤指经协商或辩论等): Employers made concessions to the workers in negotiations. 资方在与工人谈判中作出了让步. * As a concession to her inexperience they allowed her to have some help. 他们体谅她缺乏经验, 允许她获得些帮助. Cf 参看 concede.
[C] price reduction for certaincategories of people (对某类人)减价: special concessionson all bus fares for old people 所有公共汽车票对老年人特价.
[C] ~ (to do sth) right given or sold to sb by the owner(s) of sth, allowing him to use or operate it 特许权(由某事物的所有者授予或售予某人的使用或经营之权利): oil/mining concessions, ie allowing oil or minerals to be extracted from the ground 石油[矿产]开采权 * a concession to drill for oil 石油钻探权.
> concessionary / kEn5seFEnErI; [email protected] -nerI; kEn`sZFE-n9ZrI/ adj involving a concession(2) (对某类人)减价的: concessionary rates/prices (对某类人)减低的费用[价格].