2 / kEn5s\:n; kEn`s[n/ n
(a) [U] ~ (for/about/over sth/sb); ~ (that...) worry; anxiety 担心; 忧虑; 焦虑; 焦急: There is no cause for concern. 不必发愁. * There is now considerable concern for their safety. 现在对他们的安全相当担心. * public concern about corruption 公众对於腐败现象的忧虑 * There is growing concern that they may have been killed. 现在越来越担心他们可能已遭杀害. (b) [C] cause of anxiety 焦虑的原因: Our main concern is that they are not receiving enough help. 我们最忧虑的是他们一直没有得到足够的帮助.
[C] thing that is important or interesting to sb 对某人来说是重要的或感兴趣的事物: What are your main concerns as a writer? 你身为作家, 对什麽最感兴趣? * It's no concern of mine, ie I am not involved in it or I have no responsibility for it. 这事与我无关. * What concern is it of yours? ie Why do you take an interest in it or interfere with it? 那与你有什麽关系?
[C] company; business 企业; 公司; 商行: a huge industrial concern 巨大的工业企业 * Our little corner shop is no longer a paying concern, ie is no longer profitable. 我们这个街头小店已赚不到钱了.
[C] ~ (in sth) share 股份: He has a concern in (ie is a part-owner of) the business. 他在企业中有股份(他是股东之一).
(idm 习语) a going concern => going.