1 / kEn5s\:n; kEn`s[n/ v
[Tn] (a) be the business of (sb); be important to; affect 是(某人)的事; 对...有重要性; 影响: Don't interfere in what doesn't concern you. 别管与自己无关的事. * The loss was a tragedy for all concerned, ie all those affected by it. 那损失对一切有关的人来说都是极为痛心的. * Where the children are concerned..., ie In matters where one must think of them... 关系到孩子们的问题... * To whom it may concern..., eg at the beginning of a public notice or a testimonial of sb's character, ability, etc 敬启者...(b) be about (sth); have as a subject 关於(某事物); 作为议题: a report that concerns drug abuse 关於滥用毒品的报告.
[Tn.pr] ~ oneself with/in/about sth be busy with sth; interest oneself in sth 忙於(某事); 关心(某事): There's no need to concern yourself with this matter; we're dealing with it. 你不用管这事了, 我们正在处理.
[Tn] worry (sb); trouble; bother 使(某人)担忧; 使烦恼; 打扰: Our losses are beginning to concern me. 我们的损失使我担起心来.
(idm 习语) as/so far as sb/sth is concerned => far2. be concerned in sth have some connection with or responsibility for sth 与某事有牵连或对某事负有责任: He was concerned in the crime. 他与那起罪案有牵连. be concerned to do sth have it as one's business to do sth 把做某事视为自己的事. be concerned with sth be about sth 与某事物有关; 涉及某事物: Her latest documentary is concerned with youth unemployment. 她最近的一部纪录片是关於青年人失业问题的.
> concerned adj ~ (about/for sth/that...) worried; troubled 担心的; 烦恼的; 忧虑的: Concerned parents held a meeting. 忧心忡忡的家长们开了一次会. * We're all concerned for her safety. 我们都为她的安全担忧. * I'm concerned that they may have got lost. 我担心他们可能迷路了. concernedly / -5s\:nIdlI; -`s[nIdlI/ adv.
concerning prep about (sb/sth) 关於(某人[某事物]): a letter concerning your complaint 关於你投诉的信件.