/ kEn5sepFn; kEn`sZpFEn/ n
[U, C] conceiving (conceive 1) or being conceived 怀孕; 受孕: the moment of conception 受孕的一刻 * an unplanned conception 计划外怀孕.
(a) [U] thinking of (an idea or a plan) (主意或计划的)构思, 构想, 设想: The plan, brilliant in its conception, failed because of inadequate preparation. 那计划的构想倒是十分宏伟, 但终因准备不足而告吹. (b) [C] ~ (of sb/sth/that...) idea, plan or intention 主意; 计划; 意图: The new play is a brilliant conception. 这出新剧真了不起. * I have no conception of (ie do not know) what you mean. 我完全不懂你的意思.