/ kEm5praIz; kEm`praIz/ v [Tn] (not in the continuous tenses 不用於进行时态) (a) have as parts or members; be made up of 包括; 包含; 构成; 组成: a committee comprising people of widely differing views 由观点极不相同的成员组成的委员会. (b) be the parts or members of (sth); together form 为(某事物)的部分或成员; 组成; 包括: Two small boys and a dog comprised the street entertainer's only audience. 两个小男孩和一条狗成了街头艺人仅有的观众.
NOTE ON USAGE 用法: Note the use of comprise. 注意comprise一词的用法. It can mean
consist of or be composed of ie be formed of 这个词可意为
consist ofbe composed of, 即由...形成﹑ 组成或构成: The British Parliament comprises/consists of/is composed of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. 英国国会是由下议院和上议院组成的.
compose or constitute, ie form 亦可意为
composeconstitute, 即形成﹑ 组成或构成: The House of Commons and the House of Lords comprise/compose/constitute the British Parliament. 下议院和上议院组成了英国国会. This use of comprise is less common and careful speakers avoid be comprised of in sense 1. *comprise一词的这一用法并不多见, 用词考究的人避免用be comprised of於上述第1义.