/ 9kCmplI5keIFn; 9kBmplE`keFEn/ n
[U] state of being complex, intricate or difficult; involved condition 复杂﹑ 错综或困难的状态; 复杂的情况: I have enough complication in my life without having to look after your sick pets! 即使不给你照看那些生病的小宠物, 我生活里的麻烦事就已经够多了!
[C] thing that makes a situation more complex or difficult 使情况更加复杂或困难的事物: A further complication was Fred's refusal to travel by air. 更麻烦的是弗雷德不肯坐飞机.
complications [pl] (medical 医) new illness, or new development of an illness, that makes treatment more difficult 并发症: Complications set in, and the patient died. 病人因出现并发症而死亡.