2 / 5kCmpleks; `kBmplZks/ n
group of connected or similar things 相联或相似的综合事物: a big industrial complex, ie a site with factories, etc 大型工业联合体(建有工厂等的场地) * a sports/leisure complex, ie a set of buildings or facilities for sports/leisure 运动的[娱乐的]综合场所.
(a) (psychology 心) abnormal mental state resulting from past experience or suppressed desires 情结(由以往的经历或被压抑的慾望引起的精神失常状态): a persecution complex 受迫害情结 * an inferiority complex 自卑情结. (b) (infml 口) obsessive concern or fear 无法摆脱的忧虑或恐惧: He has a complex about his weight/has a weight complex. 他对自己的体重提心吊胆.