1 / 5kCmpleks; [email protected] kEm5pleks; kEm`plZks/ adj (a) made up of (usu several) closely connected parts 由密切联系的部分组成的; 联合的; 复合的: a complex system, network, etc 联合的体系﹑ 网等 * (grammar) a complex sentence, ie one containing subordinate clauses 主从复合句(含有从句的句子). (b) difficult to understand or explain because there are many different parts (因有很多部分)难於理解或解释的; 复杂的: a complex argument, theory, subject, etc 复杂的论证﹑ 理论﹑ 学科等. Cf 参看 complicated (complicate).
> complexity / kEm5pleksEtI; kEm`plZksEtI/ n (a) [U] state of being complex 复杂性; 错综复杂的状态: a problem of great complexity 极复杂的问题. (b) [C] complex thing 复杂的事物: the complexities of higher mathematics 高等数学的难题.