2 / kEm5pli:t; kEm`plit/ v [Tn]
(a) make (sth) whole or perfect 使(某事物)圆满﹑ 完善: I only need one volume to complete my set of Dickens's novels. 我那套狄更斯小说只差一卷就能配齐了. * A few words of praise from her would have completed his happiness. 她要是能夸他两句, 他也就心满意足了. (b) bring (sth) to an end; finish 使(某事物)结束; 完成: When will the railway be completed? 铁路何时竣工?
fill in (a form, etc) 填(表格等): Complete your application in ink. 用钢笔填申请表.