1 / kEm5pli:t; kEm`plit/ adj
having all its parts; whole 完整的; 完全的; 全部的; 整个的: a complete set, collection, etc 完善的设备﹑ 全部收藏等 * a complete edition of Shakespeare's works, ie one that includes all of them 莎士比亚全集 * a radio complete with a carrying case, ie having it as an additional feature 带套的手提收音机.
[pred 作表语] finished; ended 完成; 结束: When will the building work be complete? 建筑工作何时完成?
[usu attrib 通常作定语] thorough; in every way; total 彻底的; 全面的; 完全的: a complete stranger, idiot, nonentity 素不相识的人﹑ 十足的白痴﹑ 完全的虚构 * It was a complete surprise to me. 这对我完全是件意外的事.
> completely adv wholly; totally 完整地; 完全地; 圆满地: completely innocent, happy, successful 完全无辜﹑ 十分高兴﹑ 圆满成功.
completeness n [U].