/ kEm5pleIn; kEm`plen/ v
[I, Ipr, Tf, Dpr.f] ~ (to sb) (about/at sth) (often derog 常作贬义) say that one is dissatisfied, unhappy, etc 投诉; 抱怨; 诉苦; 发牢骚: You're always complaining! 你总是发牢骚! * (infml 口) `What was the weather like on your holiday?' `Oh, I can't complain', ie It was as good as could be expected.‘你度假时天气怎麽样?’‘?, 没说的(要多好有多好). * She complained to me about his rudeness. 她向我诉苦说他粗鲁. * He complained (to the waiter) that his meal was cold. 他(向服务员)抱怨说饭菜是凉的.
(phr v) complain of sth report (a pain, etc) 诉说(病痛等); 主诉: The patient is complaining of acute earache. 病人说耳部剧痛. > complainingly adv: `Why me?' he asked complainingly. ‘为什麽偏偏是我呢?’他不满地问.