/ kEm5petEtIv; kEm`pZtEtIv/ adj
of or involving competition 比赛的; 竞争的: competitive examinations for government posts 公职遴选考试 * competitive sports 竞技性体育运动 * the competitive spirit, ie enjoying competition 竞争精神(乐於竞争).
~ (with sb/sth) able to do as well as or better than others 不逊於﹑ 不亚於﹑ 胜过或超过他人的: Our firm is no longer competitive in world markets. 我们公司在世界市场上已不占优势. * a shop offering competitive prices, ie as low as in any other shop 在价格上有竞争力的商店.
(of people) having a strong urge to win (指人)求胜心切的, 急於取胜的: You have to be highly competitive to do well in sport nowadays. 如今必须有高度的竞争意识才能在体育运动中取胜. > competitively adv: competitively priced goods 在价格上有竞争力的货物.