/ 5kCmpItEnt; `kBmpEtEnt/ adj
~ (as/at/in sth); ~ (to do sth) (of people) having the necessary ability, authority, skill, knowledge, etc (指人)有能力﹑ 权力﹑ 技能﹑ 知识等的; 能胜任的; 能干的: a highly competent driver 技术高超的司机 * competent at/in one's work 能胜任工作的 * He's not competent to look after young children. 他没有看小孩的本事.
quite good, but not excellent 不错的(但并不出色): a competent piece of work 良好的作品 * The novel may be a best seller, but it's no more than a competent piece of writing. 这部小说就算能畅销, 也不过是平平之作. > competently adv