/ kEm5pAFn; kEm`pAFEn/ n [U] ~ (for sb) pity for the sufferings of others, making one want to help them 同情; 怜悯: be filled with compassion 充满怜悯 * a woman of great compassion 富有同情心的女子 * The plight of the refugees arouses our compassion. 难民的困苦引起我们的同情. * Out of (ie Because of) compassion for her terrible suffering they allowed her to stay. 他们因为同情她的悲惨遭遇而准许她居留. * They took compassion on her children and offered them a home. 他们因可怜她的孩子而给他们提供了住处.
> compassionate / kEm5pAFEnEt; kEm`pAFEnIt/ adj showing or feeling compassion 表示怜悯的; 有同情心的. compassionately adv. compassionate leave (Brit) leave2(1) granted (eg to a member of the armed forces) because of some special personal circumstance 特殊私事假(如准予军人的): She was allowed compassionate leave from work to attend her father's funeral. 她获准丧假为父亲送葬.