2 / 5kCmEn; `kBmEn/ n
area of unfenced grassland which anyone may use, usu in or near a village 公地(无篱笆墙的公用草地, 通常在村内或村子附近): Saturday afternoon cricket on the village common. 星期六下午在村子空地上举行的板球赛. Cf 参看 common land (common1).
(idm 习语) have sth in common (with sb/sth) share interests, characteristics, etc 有共同的利益﹑ 特点等: Jane and I have nothing in common. 简和我毫无共同之处. * I have nothing in common with Jane. 我和简毫无共同之处. in common for or by all of a group 共同(的); 共有(的); 共用(的): land owned in common by the residents 居民公有的土地. in common with sb/sth together with sb/sth; like sb/sth 与某人[某事物]一起; 像某人[某事物]一样: In common with many others, she applied for a training place. 她已和许多人一起申请参加训练.