/ kE5mCdEtI; kE`mBdEtI/ n
thing bought in a shop and put to use, esp in the home 商品; (尤指)日用品: household commodities, eg pots and pans, cleaning materials, etc 家庭日用品 * (fig 比喻) I lead a very busy life, so spare time is a very precious commodity to me. 我的生活非常忙, 空余时间对我来说是非常珍贵的.
(finance 财) article, product or material that is exchanged in (esp international) trade 商品; 货物; (尤指国际贸易中的)物品﹑ 产品或材料: Trading in commodities was brisk. 商品交易兴旺. * [attrib 作定语] the commodity/commodities market 商品市场.