/ kE5mIFEnE(r); kE`mIFEnL/ n
(usu 通常作 Commissioner) member of a commission, esp one with particular duties 委员(尤指有某职责的); 长官: the Commissioners of Inland Revenue, ie those who are in charge of tax collection in Britain 税务局长(负责英国税务的) * the Civil Service Commissioners, ie those who conduct Civil Service examinations in Britain 公务员叙用委员会委员(负责英国文官考试的).
public official of high rank 高级公共事务官员: The London police force is headed by a commissioner. 伦敦警察由局长领导. * In British India, district commissioners had judicial powers. 在过去的英属印度, 地区长官有审判权.
# Com,missioner for `Oaths (Brit) solicitor with special authority, to whom people can swear oaths relating to legal documents 宣誓公证人(有权为他人的宣誓作证的律师).