/ 5kCment; `kBmZnt/ n
[C, U] ~ (on sth) written or spoken remark giving an opinion on, explaining or criticizing (an event, a person, a situation, etc) 意见; 解释; 评论; 批评: Have you any comment(s) to make on the recent developments? 你对最近的事态发展有什麽评论吗? * The scandal caused a lot of comment, ie of talk, gossip, etc. 这件丑闻遭到很多议论.
(idm 习语) ,no `comment (said in reply to a question) I have nothing to say about that (回答问题时所说)无可奉告: `Will you resign, Minister?' `No comment!'‘部长, 你是要辞职吗?’‘无可奉告.’
> comment v [I, Ipr, Tf] ~ (on sth) make comments; give one's opinion 评论; 发表意见: Asked about the date of the election, the Prime Minister commented that no decision had yet been made. 首相对询问选举日期一事称尚未作出决定.