/ 5kClE(r); `kBlL/ n
band, upright or folded over, round the neck of a shirt, coat, dress, etc 衣领: turn one's collar up against the wind, ie to keep one's neck warm 竖起领子挡风 * grab sb by the collar 抓住某人的领子 * [attrib 作定语] What is your collar size? 你的衣领尺寸是多少? * a stiff collar, ie a starched detachable one, worn with a shirt 硬领(浆过的可卸下的领子). =>illus at jacket 见jacket之插图.
band of leather, metal, etc put round an animal's (esp a dog's) neck 戴在动物(尤指狗)颈部的项圈: Our dog has its name on its collar. 我们的狗的项圈上有它的名字.
metal band or ring joining two pipes, rods or shafts, esp in a machine (连接两条管﹑ 杆或轴的)圈; 箍(尤指机器中的).
(idm 习语) hot under the collar => hot.
> collar v [Tn] (a) seize (sb) by the collar; capture 揪住(某人)的领子; 捉住; 拉住: The policeman collared the thief. 警察把小偷捉住了. * (infml 口) She collared me (ie stopped me in order to talk to me) as I was leaving the building. 我正要离开大楼时, 她把我拉住了(和我谈话). (b) (dated infml 旧, 口) take (sth) without permission 未经允许拿走(某物); 窃取; 偷走: Who's collared my pen? 谁拿走我的钢笔了?
# `collar-bone n bone joining the breastbone and the shoulder-blade 锁骨. =>illus at skeleton 见skeleton之插图.
`collar-stud n small piece of metal or plastic for fastening a detachable collar to a shirt (可将活领子扣在衬衫上的)领扣.