/ kRIn; kRIn/ n
(a) [C] piece of metal used as money 硬币: two gold coins 两枚金币 * a handful of coins 一把硬币. (b) [U] money made of metal 硬币: 5 in coin 5英镑的硬币.
(idm 习语) the other side of the coin => side1. pay sb in his own/the same coin => pay2.
> coin v
1 [Tn] (a) make (coins) by stamping metal (冲压金属)制造(硬币). (b) make (metal) into coins 将(金属)制成硬币.
2 [Tn] invent (a new word or phrase) 创造(新词语): coin words for new products 为新产品创造新词.
3 (idm 习语) `coin it/money (infml 口) earn a lot of money easily or quickly 赚大钱; 发大财. to coin a `phrase (a) (used to introduce a new expression, or a well-known expression that one has changed slightly 采用一新词语或略改动一现成词语时, 可用此短语作引子). (b) (ironic 反语) (used to apologize for using a well-known expression rather than an original one 因无创意而使用一现成词语时, 用此短语自嘲).
coinage / 5kRInIdV; `kRInIdV/ n 1 [U] (a) making coins 造硬币. (b) coins made 所造的硬币.
[U] system of coins in use (现行的)硬币币制: decimal coinage 十进位硬币币制.
(a) [U] inventing of a new word or phrase 创造新词语. (b) [C] newly invented word or phrase 新创的词语: I haven't heard that expression before is it a recent coinage? 我以前从未听到过这个词语--是最近新造的吗?