2 / klIp; klIp/ v
[Tn, Cn.a] cut (sth) with scissors or shears, esp in order to shorten it; trim (用剪刀)剪(某物); (尤指)剪短; 修剪: clip a hedge, one's finger-nails 修剪树篱﹑ 指甲 * clip a sheep, ie cut off its hair for wool 剪羊毛 * The dog's fur was clipped short for the show. 为参加狗展把狗的毛剪短了.
[Tn] make a hole in (a bus or train ticket) to show that it has been used (在公共汽车票或火车票上)剪孔; 剪(票).
[Tn] omit (parts of words) when speaking (说话时)省略(部分话); 删节: a clipped accent 缩略的语音 * He clipped his words when speaking. 他说话时把词语缩短了.
[Tn, Tn.pr] (infml 口) hit (sb/sth) sharply 猛击(某人[某物]): clip sb's ear/clip sb on the ear 打某人耳光.
(idm 习语) clip sb's `wings prevent sb from being active or from doing what he is ambitious to do 阻止某人活动; 扼杀某人雄心: Having a new baby to look after has clipped her wings a bit. 她有个新生婴儿要照看, 活动难免受些限制.
(phr v) clip sth out of sth remove sth from sth else with scissors, etc 从某物上剪掉另一物: clip an article out of the newspaper 从报纸上剪下一篇文章.
> clip n
1 act of clipping 剪; 修剪.
2 amount of wool cut from a (flock of) sheep at one time 一次从(一群羊)身上剪下的羊毛量.
3 (infml 口) sharp blow 猛打: She gave him a clip round the ear. 她打了他一记耳光.
4 short extract from a film 电影的片段.
5 (idm 习语) at a fair, good, etc `clip (infml 口) at a fast speed 快速地: The old car was travelling at quite a clip. 那辆旧汽车开得相当快.
clipping n 1 (usu pl 通常作复数) piece cut off 剪下的一块: hair, nail, hedge clippings 剪下的头发﹑ 指甲﹑ 篱笆. 2 (esp US) = cutting1 1.
# `clip-joint n (sl 俚) place of entertainment, esp a night-club, that overcharges its customers 向顾客索价过高的娱乐场所(尤指夜总会).
NOTE ON USAGE 用法: Compare clip, pare, prune, trim and shave. 试比较clippareprunetrimshave这几个词. These verbs refer to cutting off an unwanted part to make an object smaller, tidier, etc. 这些动词均指剪切掉不需要的部分使物体更小﹑ 更整齐些等. Note that with all except pare the direct object can be either (a) the main body that is made smaller, smoother, etc or (b) the part that is cut off. 注意除pare外, 其他各词的直接宾语可为(a)被剪小或剪整齐等的主体, 或为(b)所剪切掉的部分. Shave is generally used of hair on the body *shave一般用於身体上的毛发: (a) Monks shave their heads. 和尚都剃头. (b) She shaved the hairs off her legs. 她刮掉了腿上的寒毛. We trim something to make it tidy *trim某物是为使之整齐: (a) trim one's beard, a hedge 修剪胡须﹑ 树篱. (b) She trimmed the loose threads from her skirt. 她把裙子上的线头剪掉了. Clip can relate to cutting off an unwanted part or to removing a part in order to keep it *clip可指剪掉不需要的部分, 也可指剪下要保留的部分: (a) Have you finished clipping the hedge? 你把树篱剪完了吗? (b) I want to clip that picture from the magazine. 我要把杂志上的那张照片剪下来. We prune plants to make them grow stronger 我们修剪(prune)植物使之生长得更壮: (a) The roses need pruning. 玫瑰需要修剪了. (b) I've pruned all the dead branches off the tree. 我已经把树上的枯枝都剪掉了. Pare indicates removing the outer layer or edge of something *pare指除掉某物的外层或边缘: She pared the apple with a sharp knife. 她用快刀削苹果.