/ klIN; klIN/ v (pt, pp clung / klQN; klQN/)
[Ipr, Ip] ~ (on) to sb/sth; ~ on; ~ together hold on tightly to sb/sth 紧抓住或抱住某人[某物]: survivors clinging to a raft 紧抓住木筏的生还者 * They clung to each other/clung together as they said goodbye. 他们告别时, 紧紧地拥抱在一起. * Cling on tight! 抓紧!
[Ipr] ~ (on) to sth be unwilling to abandon sth; refuse to give sth up 舍不得放弃某事物; 拒绝放弃某事物: cling to a belief, an opinion, a theory, etc 坚持一种信仰﹑ 意见﹑ 理论等 * cling to one's possessions 舍不得放弃财物 * She clung to the hope that he was still alive. 她始终抱着一个希望, 就是他仍活着.
[I, Ipr] ~ (to sth) become attached to sth; stick to sth 附着於某物: The smell of smoke clings (to one's clothes) for a long time. 烟味长久附着(在衣服上)不散. * a dress that clings to (ie fits closely so as to show the shape of) the body 紧贴身体(显出体形)的连衣裙.
[Ipr] ~ to sb/sth stay close to sb/sth 紧靠着某人[某物]: The ship clung to the coastline. 船紧靠着海岸线. * Don't cling to the kerb when you're driving. 不要紧贴路边开车.
[I, Ipr] ~ (to sb) (esp derog 尤作贬义) be emotionally dependent on sb; stay too close to sb 感情上依靠某人; 太接近某人; 依恋: Small children cling to their mothers. 小孩子都缠着母亲.
(idm 习语) cling/stick to sb like a leech => leech.
> clinging adj
1 (of clothes) sticking to the body and showing its shape (指衣服)紧身显出体形的.
2 emotionally dependent 感情上依附他人的: a clinging boyfriend 缠绵不已的男朋友.
clingy adj (infml 口): a shy, clingy child ?腆﹑ 依附他人的孩子.
# `cling film thin transparent plastic film used for wrapping food, etc 保鲜纸, 保鲜膜(用以包裹食品等的透明塑料薄膜). Cf 参看 shrink-wrap (shrink).