2 / klIE(r); klIr/ adv
clearly; distinctly 清楚地; 明白地; 明显地: I can hear you loud and clear. 你的声音很大, 我听得很清楚.
~ (of sth) out of the way of sth; no longer near or touching sth 不阻碍某事物; 不再接触或接近某事物: Stand clear of the doors. 别站在门口挡道. * He managed to leap clear of (ie out of) the burning car. 他设法从燃烧着的汽车中跳了出来. * He jumped three inches clear of (ie above) the bar. 他跳得比杆儿高出三英寸.
completely 彻底; 完全: The prisoner got clear away. 该囚犯逃之夭夭了.
(idm 习语) keep/stay/steer clear (of sb/sth) avoid meeting sb or becoming involved with sth or going near a place or using sth 避免见到某人或涉及某事物或接近某处或使用某物: Try to keep clear of trouble. 尽量避免麻烦. * I prefer to keep clear of town during the rush-hour. 我不愿意在交通拥挤的时间去市区. * (infml 口) His doctor advised him to steer clear of alcohol. 医生建议他不要喝酒. pull sb/sth clear => pull2.
# ,clear-`cut adj not vague; definite 不含混的; 明确的: ,clear-cut `plans, pro`posals, di`stinctions 明确的计划﹑ 提议﹑ 区分.