1 / klIE(r); klIr/ adj (-er / 5klIErE(r); `klIrL/, -est/ 5klIErIst; `klIrIst/)
(a) easy to see through; transparent 清澈的; 透明的: clear glass 透明的玻璃 * the clear water of a mountain lake 山上清澈的湖水. (b) without cloud or mist 无云雾的; 晴朗的: a clear sky, day 晴朗的天空﹑ 一天 * clear weather 无云雾的天气. (c) without spots or blemishes 无污点或瑕疵的; 洁净的: clear skin 洁净的皮肤 * a clear complexion 洁净的面孔.
(a) easy to see or hear; distinct 易看清或听清的; 清晰的: a clear photograph 清晰的照片 * a clear reflection in the water 水中清晰的倒影 * a clear voice, speaker, sound 清晰的嗓音﹑ 扬声器﹑ 声音. (b) easy to understand 易懂的; 明白的: a clear explanation, article, meaning 易懂的解释﹑ 文章﹑ 意思 * You'll do as you're told, is that clear? 让你怎麽做就怎麽做, 明白吗?
~ (about/on sth) without doubt, confusion or difficulty; certain 无疑的; 不混淆的; 无困难的; 肯定的: a clear thinker 思维清楚的思考者 * a clear understanding of the problems 对问题透澈的了解 * My memory is not clear on that point. 那一点我记不清楚了. * Are you quite clear about what the job involves? 这一工作涉及哪些内容, 你都明白吗?
~ (to sb) evident; obvious; definite 明显的; 显然的; 明确的: a clear case of cheating 明显的欺骗 * have a clear advantage/lead, eg in a contest 明显的优势[领先](如在比赛中) * It is quite clear that she is not coming. 很清楚, 她不来了.
~ (of sth) (a) free from obstructions, obstacles, difficulties or dangers 无阻塞﹑ 障碍﹑ 困难或危险的: a clear view 一览无遗 * Wait until the road is clear (of traffic) before crossing. 等路上无车辆来往时, 再穿过马路. * I want to keep next weekend clear so that I can do some gardening. 我要留出下周末的时间作些园艺工作. (b) free from guilt 无罪的; 无辜的: have a clear conscience 问心无愧. (c) free from sth undesirable 无厌恶之物的: clear of debt 无债务的 * You are now clear of all suspicion. 你现在已经没有嫌疑了.
[pred 作表语] ~ (of sb/sth) not touching sth; away from sth 不触及某事物; 与某事物有距离: The plane climbed until it was clear of the clouds. 飞机爬升穿出了云层. * Park (your car) about nine inches clear of the kerb. (把你的汽车)停放在离路边石九英寸的地方.
[attrib 作定语] complete 整整的; 十足的: Allow three clear days for the letter to arrive. 信要整整三天才能到达. * The bill was passed by a clear (ie fairly large) majority. 议案获绝对多数票通过.
[attrib 作定语] (of a sum of money) with nothing to be deducted; net (指一笔钱)不再扣除的, 纯的, 净的: a clear profit 净利.
(idm 习语) (as) clear as a `bell clearly and easily heard 清楚而容易听到的. (as) clear as `day easy to see or understand; obvious 显而易见的; 易懂的; 显然的. (as) clear as `mud (infml 口) very unclear; not apparent or well explained 很不清楚的; 不明显的; 未解释清楚的. the coast is clear => coast1. in the `clear (infml 口) no longer in danger or suspected of sth 不再有危险的; 不再因某事物受嫌疑: She was very ill for a few days but doctors say she's now in the clear. 她大病了几天, 但医生说她现在已无危险. make oneself `clear express oneself clearly 把自己的意思表达清楚: Do I make myself clear? 我讲得清楚吗? make sth `clear/`plain (to sb) make sth fully understood 使某事物被充分理解: I made it clear to him that I rejected his proposal. 我清楚地告诉他, 我拒绝了他的建议.
> clearly adv
1 in a clear manner; distinctly 清楚地; 明白地; 明显地: speak clearly 清楚地说 * It is too dark to see clearly. 天太黑看不清楚.
2 obviously; undoubtedly 显然地; 无疑地: That clearly cannot be true. 显然那不是真的.
clearness n [U] state of being clear; clarity 清楚; 明白; 清澈; 透明: the clearness of the atmosphere 空气清新 * clearness of vision 视觉清楚.
# ,clear-`headed adj thinking or understanding clearly; sensible 头脑清楚的; 明事理的. ,clear`headedly adv. ,clear-`headedness n [U].
,clear-`sighted adj seeing, understanding or thinking clearly; discerning 观察﹑ 理解或思维清楚的; 有眼力的.
`clearway n (Brit) road other than a motorway on which vehicles may not normally stop or park 畅通路(公路上的不准停车路段, 与高速公路不同).