/ kleI; kle/ n
[U] stiff sticky earth that becomes hard when baked, used for making bricks and pottery 黏土: [attrib 作定语] clay soil 黏质土壤 * clay tiles 陶土瓦.
(idm 习语) have feet of clay => foot1.
> clayey / kleII; `kleI/ adj like, containing or covered with clay 像黏土的; 含有黏土的; 粘着黏土的.
# clay `pigeon breakable disc thrown in the air as a target for shooting at 泥鸽靶(掷到空中作射击靶子的易碎圆盘): [attrib 作定语] clay `pigeon shooting 泥鸽靶射击.
clay `pipe tobacco pipe made of clay pottery 陶制烟斗.