/ klB:s; [email protected] klAs; klAs/ n
(a) [CGp] group of people at the same social or economic level 阶级; 阶层; 社会等级: the working/middle/upper class 工人阶级[中产阶级/上层社会] * the professional class(es) 专业阶层. (b) [U] system that divides people into such groups 阶级制度: [attrib 作定语] class differences, distinctions, divisions, etc 阶级差别﹑ 界限﹑ 划分.
(a) [CGp] group of students taught together 班级: We were in the same class at school. 我们上学时在同一班. * Form 4 is/are a difficult class to teach. 四年级很难教. (b) [C] occasion when this group meets to be taught; lesson 上课; 课: I have a maths class at 9 o'clock. 我9点钟有数学课. (c) [CGp] (US) group of students who finish their studies at school or university in a particular year (毕业生的)同届: the class of '82 1982年届.
[C] set of people, animals or things grouped together, esp according to quality 级, 等, 等级, 种类(尤指按质量划分的): As an actress Jane is not in the same class as (ie is not as good as) Susan. 作为演员, 简不如苏珊. * [attrib 作定语] a top-class athlete 一流运动员.
[U] (infml 口) high quality; excellence; distinction 高质量; 优秀; 优异: She's got (a lot of) class. 她(实在)很有气质. * [attrib 作定语] a class (tennis) player 优秀(网球)运动员.
[C] (esp in compounds 尤用以构成复合词) one of several different levels of comfort, etc available to travellers in a train, plane, bus, etc (火车﹑ 飞机﹑ 公共汽车等的)等级: first class * tourist class * [attrib 作定语] a second-class compartment, eg on a train.
[C] (Brit) (esp in compounds 尤用以构成复合词) one of several grades of achievement in a university degree examination (大学学位考试成绩的)等级: a first-/ second-/ third-class (honours) degree.
[C] (biology 生) second highest group into which animals and plants are divided, below a phylum and including several orders (order1 9) (动植物分类的)纲. Cf 参看 family 4, genus 1, species. 1.
(idm 习语) in a class of one's/its `own; in a class by one`self/it`self better than everyone/anything else of his/its kind; unequalled 独一无二; 无以伦比: Pele was in a class of his own as a footballer. 贝利是举世无双的足球健将.
> class v [Tn, Cn.n/a] ~ sb/sth (as sth) place sb/sth in a class(1b); classify sb/sth 将某人[某事物]归入某类; 把...分类: Immigrant workers were classed as resident aliens. 移民来的工人已归入外侨类.
classless adj
1 not clearly belonging to any particular social class 不明显属於某一阶级或阶层的: a classless accent 无任何阶层特徵的口音.
2 without social classes 无阶级的: a classless society 无阶级的社会.
classy / 5klB:sI; [email protected] 5klAsI; `klAsI/ adj (-ier, -iest) (infml 口) of high quality; stylish; superior 高质量的; 时髦的; 优等的: a classy hotel 高级旅馆.
# `class-conscious adj aware of belonging to a particular social class or of the differences between social classes 意识到属於某阶级的; 有阶级意识的. `class-consciousness n [U].
`class-feeling n [U] feelings of hostility between social classes 阶级意识(阶级间的敌意).
`class-list n (Brit) list showing the class of degree achieved by university students in their final examinations (大学生最後考试的)学位成绩名单.
`class-mate n person who was or is in the same class as oneself at school 同班同学: We were class-mates at primary school. 我们在小学是同班同学.
`class-room n room where a class of pupils or students is taught 教室.
the `class struggle (also the `class war) (esp in Marxist thought) the continuing fight for economic and political power between the capitalist ruling class and the working class (尤指马克思主义思想的)阶级斗争.